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Why does Turkey hate Canada?

Well, we made it to Turkey. While we haven’t been here long enough to form any long-winded posts, I will say this: why does Turkey have a special hate-on for Canada? While in line at the airport to purchase visas, we learned that Canada is in a special ‘F you’ class all on its own – an outstanding US$60 per person. Almost every other nation pays US$20 to US$30 and not one single country is even close to the very special Canadian price.

You can find an unofficial price list here.

So, what did Canada do to Turkey? Visa fees are usually reciprocal, but I find it hard to believe that Canada is the sole country that ‘overcharges’ Turks to visit. The internet quickly revealed other explanations (read: conspiracy theories) such as Canada’s support for Armenians or Canada’s reluctance to provide visa-free admission to newer EU members (something Turkey is striving to become).

On the bright side, you get a special red sticker, collectable only by Canadians. And Turkey, so far, has been well worth the price of admission.



  1. The next closest is $30 – that’s crazy! The states is only $20!
    I am very surprised with that, everyone usually loves canada?

  2. sounds like turkey continues to be a blast past istanbul :-)

    looking forward to going back and reading your previous posts and then following along with your journey!

    oh, and i just uploaded my istanbul photos and there’s one of you two!

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