Costa Rica Thoughts on Life

The more things change

Tap tap tap… is this thing on?

Oh, hey there, it’s been a minute! Or, more accurately, 5,401,440 minutes. And what a 5.4 million minutes they’ve been. In the last 10.5 years we:

  • moved to and worked in Toronto,
  • got married,
  • (I) started a photography business and another blog,
  • left our jobs in Toronto,
  • spent three months in Buenos Aires and visited Antarctica,
  • moved to Vancouver,
  • started a software company (and built something pretty darn amazing),
  • turned thirty,
  • had a baby,
  • moved within Vancouver,
  • (I) retired from photography and sort of abandoned the other blog,
  • sold the software company,
  • had another baby,
  • bought a car,
  • turned thirty-five,
  • found a community in our wonderful neighbourhood, and
  • planned to take a sabbatical in 2019-2020 to travel.

And that brings us to today. Instead of enrolling Clara (5.5) in kindergarten and Will (3) in daycare we packed everything up, sublet our home, and hit the road. “The more things change”, and all that.

And while we haven’t quite been able to make the sabbatical happen (for an exciting reason), on August 30 we left Vancouver for Costa Rica. On September 3, our kids started at an eco school where they’ll stay until December. After that we fly to Belize and travel overland to Playa del Carmen, Mexico where we’ll spend Christmas with my side of the family. January will bring some extended family time in Ottawa and then it’s off to Asia where we’re hoping to send our kids to at least two more schools.

Since this is unusual—and a little insane—we’ve (I’ve) decided to dust off the old blog and document our adventure. Keep your eyes and ears peeled as posts will be coming at you periodically over the next 10 or so months. For now: pura vida friends.

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