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The Travel Beard Experiment = Fail

I admit, I have been rather absent from this blog. My absence can be easily explained, however: I have been hard at work on my travel beard. No longer bound by the hygienic restrictions of work, or the disapproving glances of Vancouverites when one begins a beard quest such as this, my face would become a playground for new-found facial hair. Yes, I was to grow a mighty travel beard.

Perhaps I would grow a bushy moustache and then, when the muse struck, shave off a portion to form handlebars or a goatee. Once my beard reached a sufficient size I could use it to store small tools or secret notes. Entire photo albums from the trip could be dedicated to the changing beard. And long after we left many of our destinations, the people of the towns would tell stories of the man with the legendarily mighty beard.

So, after a few weeks of hard work, here’s the result:


While I would describe it as a pirate-like Justin Timberlake look, others have seen it differently. It appears entire sections of my face are near-hairless. In places where I am fortunate to have hair, I am doubly fortunate if there is a matching patch on the opposite cheek. Call it what you will, either “the world traveller look” or “potentially homeless”, it’s… kind of a beard.

So, it looks like the travel beard experiment was a failure. From this point forward I’ll spend less time on the beard and more time on the blog.


  1. a valiant attempt!

    don’t be discouraged… you could still store small implements like toothpicks and extra pencil lead, both things that you would be hard pressed to find space for elsewhere.

  2. My mother always taught me that if I can’t say something nice, not to say anything at all………………………………….. however, if you want to know what I really think of that beard, please, just ask. In the meantime, great read and I’m happy you haven’t been eaten by cheetahs yet.

  3. It’s a Suter thing. Martin tried one in Morocco and it didn’t work so well either!

  4. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…. Nate is happy he is not the only one…..

  5. You guys are lucky you didn’t have to look at it, every single day, for the 14 days (seriously) it took to grow out…

  6. Two words: Pube. Escent.

    But I am impressed with the effort. At least now you know for sure.

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